Monday, September 27, 2010

Its been so long

but ive been so damn busy, oh my this mothering thing never stops.
Im so exausted, JB has spent at least 2 hours a night crying for a reason unknown at this point, all I can put it down to is teeth, he is getting 4 top & 4 bottom teeth including his 2yr old molars and he isnt even 18 months old yet, he is so clingy too and seems to know the signs of heading out like ohh look mums dressed ill just hang off her leg and say "car" repeatedly argh get this thing OF of me puhlease.

My girls had a big on stage performance my beautiful little dancers Miah is definatley going to do something in the way of Ballet she is a full on natural im not even being biased so many people commented on her grace on the stage, my little ballerina was in her element up there, she plans of doing her grade 1 2 & 3 dance exams next year im trying to tell her to maybe do 1 a year as shes only almost 8 so plenty of time but she wants to do Ballet next year then Jazz the following year, Moni wants to give tap a shot god help me EAR PLUGS ANYONE, heres a bit of a blury pic of Miah performing.

& Miah on the left and our friends gorgeous daughter Alison.
I couldnt be prouder honestly, Ill add one of the beautiful Montana too she loves dancing too but is not quite as into it as Miss Miah is.

Happy 6th Birthday Moni, 6 on Sept 2nd wow that went fast, its been a hectic, crazy 6 years too but we love her to death <3

Not alots been happening in this messed up crazy upside world of mine, been feeling like shit like im home alone too much bloody truck driving cowboy.

Seem to have lost all friends, they are all MIA, never hear from them never see them oh unless they want something that is, so over it, wish Pete would move closer to family but nooooo apparently NOT!!!

Tomorrow the kids and I are heading off on a holiday to Avenel then on friday we are heading to KIDSFEST woop woop, gonna se yo gabba gabba concert and get on the red lemonade ohh yeaah we gonna wasted on the fizzy red goodness.

Catch you all when im back