Friday, June 17, 2011

Its only the beginning.

Excuse me if this post is all over the place because i have 2 girls fighting & whinging & dibber dobbing in the next room & a toddle banging blocks and brrroming cars and squeeling at his sisters, who has the number for the mental assylum? Book me in!

So my beautiful, giorgeous, supportive husband and I are seperating, yeah you heard me praise him but seperation doesnt mean I have to hate him, i love him boy do i love him but sometimes love ISNT enough, we can work through this i have great confidence in that, just not under the same roof and just not yet. Going through this has shown me who my real friends are, theres only 1 friend who has been to my house to check on me, who will stay up all night just to get a text message that im ok, who is calling me, texting me and not just for the gossip, its quite sad that I seem to have ONE real friend when I thought I had a handful/

Break up's dont have to be difficult right? He's my best friend and still can be, life is too short to be bitter, I want to get this back one day & I dont care how long or what it takes, we will be a family again.

Ive applied for a house, find out monday about it.

Life as a single mum...wish me luck

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Its been months since I sat down to blog, I just either dont have time or dont want to bore you with the same out shit, but i guess if you dont want to read it then dont..right!

So Harrisons turned 2 & is exploring the terrible twos, like I need that with a 8yr old who thinks shes 18 and a 6 year old who is already extremly difficult, the tantrums this kid can throw would put anyone to shame holy guacamole.

Miah has been taken out of her school, she hated it there couldnt get along with the kids there coz lets face it, its a private school these kids are quite upnosed & yes Miah can be the same being the dancer she is but she just missed her old friends so we made the decision to let her go back to her 1st school and let me tell you the smiles and giggles she shows me as soon as she gets off the school bus tells me we made the right decision & its rewarding, pat on the back to us..PHEW..

Montana, well not alot changes there, still at st pats, getting all the awesome help she needs & more than we could ask for, shes improving so very very happy about that.

My turn, far out where do i start. Starting to realise you know what I have no friends and im starting to miss home alot more than I have since I moved here 7.5yrs ago. I hate this town and most people in it I just want mature non bitchy friends is that too much to ask, i had friends i lost friends over god knows what but who gives a rats arse honestly I dont need the negetivaty!
Hubby working away more than ever now, usually away 3 nights and home 1 and off again. its insane its single parenting on a good income, the incomes the only good part about it, so lonely,.surely its gotta be worth it..right? Just tell me that much!
Would love to be back near Nanny, miss the time with her, ill regret it when shes no longer with us, shit I cant even imagine a time where the phone wont ring at 7pm on a sunday, or for random things during the week or suprise parcels in the post!

ohh so theres an owl in my freinds car..Im out, gotta see this