Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whoa, what a weekend

My bank account must H.A.T.E me, the girls had a day off friday so we went shopping in warrnambool & I spoilt them rotton, we came home from a big day to their brand new bunks deliverd and ready to assemble, as we were putting them together we realise they had givin us a wrong part, so I drove the 55km back to warrnambool for the right part, got home started assembling again only to find that again it was the WRONG part damn you fantastic furniture, your title is sarcasm..right? anyway we went back the following morning and this time we GOT THE RIGHT PART  well done FF you deserve a lolly for that.

Today we headed to Geelong, a 140km drive because much to my disust when I went to shop online at city chic for a dress the one i wanted was sold out online *insert gasp here* and I simply cannot go to my friends wedding on the 11th without out I CANT, so I packed up the kids I hopped in my car and we went and we orderd that damn dress and just as well we did because its almost completly sold out I literally got the last one in my size in the system (or so the woman told me) now i know your all wondering what is so special about this dress, so im about to show you.

do you love it? oh I do i love LOVE it so much I could sleep with it...

My middlesize princess is 6 on thursday..faint..I cant believe it where has the time gone.

You must think my blog is super boring, i have a pretty normal, kinda boring but awesome all the same, life, I wouldnt swap it for anything though.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

ahh another week begins..

So last week I posted a very brief blog about abortion, I was angry at the comments made to a friend being called a martyr because she said she would do anything to have her baby boy, she did NOT deserve that little peice of bull crap thrown at her & i was furious, yes Im Pro-Life all the way, but i apologise for my little bogged hissy fit, Ive lost a follwer, im guessing its over that..Meh..we all have our opinions.

Saturday was hubbys 30th birthday..he worked unfortuanatly all night so I didnt even get to cook him his favourite so I made it last night, lamb casserole & fried rice in the rice cooker with this amazing friend rice satche it was so good I just added bacon peices, pees & you can add prawns too if you like it was the best.

For his birthday I had 2 paintings done of his truck, they turned out tripple the standard I was expecting I mean I knew adele from Adele Designs was amazing but seriously these are just fantastic, you have to check her out on facebook and you might even win a 50% off voucher when she reaches 200 fans I have quite a bit of her work in my house and more is orderd and in the process.

I went to work with him friday, what an eye opener that was, There was idiots on the UHF using it and just abusing the crap out of the truck drivers and blocking the UHF for real drivers which need it to communicate with each other, give traffic reports, advise of accidents and breakdowns and stuff yet these morons are just taking up the airtime i guess you would call it. Other than that it was so nice to spend that time with him in his environment, loved every minute of it, love him.

Girls at school today and little man in bed, went down around 930 which means he will be up about 1-130, these 4 hour day sleeps are crazy, its so quiet.

So i picked out the car I want, I simply MUST have a bigger car, my 05 ford sedan is not cutting it for me with 3 kids, Im not fussy it doesnt have to be brand new just bigger and im loving the mazda MPV 7 seater in white 2001 model will do me fine :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


Pro-life arguments are now based on scientific evidence and the pro-choice arguments are not. That is a cultural, historical fact.

This is what pro-choicers choose to ignore.

Fund eduction on other choices, make adoption more readily available & more open.

QUIT public funding for abortion, this is what we ask of government, sadly we understand it will never be illegal but at the moment its to readily available as a contraceptive, as an alternative to looking after a disabled child who also has the right to life & natural death, fight me to the death on this, ill back it up all the way.
this is all i can say today, based on current facebook arguments, seriously..its not on

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

coz im all alone...

My truck driving hubby is on his way to tutura to pick up another tanker & my daughters have just gone to bed and little man has been in bed since 6 and and and ahhhh bliss, but what shall I eat for tea the kids had a lazy macaroni & cheese & well I cant even be stuffed cooking, might make scrambled eggs hey.

Cant believe in a few more day's Pete (hubby) is 30, time for a trade in, NO way hes my spunky old muffin & i love him to peices, Im off to pick up his present in Warrnambool tomorrow hes gonna love it, cant tell you yet just incase he happens to find my blog, not that he would even know what one is :P

Tuesday means rafters, im loving rafters, keep telling Pete thats gonna be us one day, Ive always said id like a midlife crises baby.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Monday..

I love you, Monday means the start of the school week, it means some peace from the fighting. Oh how I love thee Monday.

Im getting out of the house in an hour, off to Geelong with a girlfriend for some girly time woohoo havnt been out with no kids in a while, ill be able to eat without sharing ahhhh food all to my piggy fat self.

Done groceries today, woop woop i hear you say, well i LOVE doing groceries, its actually quite theraputic and hey lets face it, its a social outing.

Went to a Mary Kay meeting with my friend Rach last night, it was fun but seemed to go forever, thinking about joining..I said THINKING.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

So its Sunday..


and what a Sunday it is, the rain is pouring the kids are punching on, the hubby is sleeping his nightshift off and the Mummy is cleaning but decided to take a break, in the background i have "muuuum Miah's annoying me" Muuum Montana's hitting me" "stop it" "I'm tellling" OMG someone save me seriously im drowning here RIGHT THATS IT IN YOUR ROOM...muuuum...NOW!!!

Ok.reminder to self..MUST..TAKE..PANADOL.

I have a head cold and on top of it all I have this going on, is it too much to ask for them to get along, maybe just for a day oh that would be bliss.

Dear Santa, this year I dont want any Chocolates, I dont want any Purfume & I dont want any Pandora..wait what am i saying i want PANDORA, but most of all I want my girls to love each other, to not put bruises on each other and to just get along just for one day, christmas day is fine or anyday in between,
regards Courtney.

So thats out of that way..what do you think my chances are of that wish coming true?

whats that I hear you say? Jack? yep agreed.

better go pull them off each other, so much for that cup of tea.

Tis the beginning..

Of a blogging addiciton, seems to be the "in" thing am I wrong in saying that?
Well im Courtney Im a SAHM mum of 3 challeging but beautiful children & I wont lie motherhood is hard, oh so hard & somedays I end up in tears but I still wouldnt change it not for the world, My husband is a nightshift truck driver, home alone 5 nights a week & doing a bloody good job if I do say so myself and i will thanks.

I love my husband with all that I am, he has been my rock, we have been through some tough time's thats going back a few years now & it made us stronger we couldnt be more happier, without him I would be lost so from the bottom of my heart I thank him.

Miah is 7 almost 8 (21st October) talented, smart, beautiful and full of attitude..not the good kind trust me.
Montana is 5 almost 6 (2nd September) she has suspected high functioning autism we are currently going through the process of doctors & psychologists to get to the bottom of this, she is my most challenging of all believe me she would make the strongest of the strong drop to their knees in desperation, I adore her to peices and i love her amazingly but boy does she bring my to tears, daily.
last but not least is our baby boy Harrison who is 16 months (2/4/09) he is laid back and cruisy, loves to scream any place down as he is a homebody and a mover doesnt like to be in one place for long, loves to throw food and tell people to "get out" & "stay" yep these he learnt from listening to me speak to out poodle walter, oh that reminds me furbabies we have are a toy poodle Walter, Rocco the german shephard & 3 horses Honey, Snap & Dee.

We live rural, I dont mind it, have some great friends here whom im sure you will meet along the way.

Oh wait, I should mention something or my friends will be at me...i am oh yep thats correct i heart prams, ive had 15 since Harrison was born its a new addiction which came with Harrison..lets blame him!!!

Thats all for now, I think im going to love this blogging thing, look out new addiciton..move over prams...ok I take that back i heart you both