Friday, August 20, 2010


Pro-life arguments are now based on scientific evidence and the pro-choice arguments are not. That is a cultural, historical fact.

This is what pro-choicers choose to ignore.

Fund eduction on other choices, make adoption more readily available & more open.

QUIT public funding for abortion, this is what we ask of government, sadly we understand it will never be illegal but at the moment its to readily available as a contraceptive, as an alternative to looking after a disabled child who also has the right to life & natural death, fight me to the death on this, ill back it up all the way.
this is all i can say today, based on current facebook arguments, seriously..its not on

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  1. I think, with this topic, things should be dealt with on a case by case basis.
    If it was 'made illegal' then there would be a rise in 'home abortions', just as there were many back in the days when help was little to no help available.
    There needs to be government funded anonymous services available for pregnant women with access to counselors and health nurses specific to abortion.

    With proper support that is easily accessible in a safe and secure setting, a rational, thoroughly thought through decision can be made.

    I can assure you that those who have had an abortion, have not made this decision lightly, and if they did appear do have done so without care, they obviously have not been given proper support and guidance to fully understand the situation they were in, and what options were available.

    There is no point in 'quitting public funding', to me this says that rich people have a choice and poor people don't.

    There needs to be more support for pregnant women, not less.

    There needs to be a better adoption system in place.

    And a better foster care system in place.

    I am not Pro Life, nor Pro Choice.

    I am Pro Support.