Tuesday, August 17, 2010

coz im all alone...

My truck driving hubby is on his way to tutura to pick up another tanker & my daughters have just gone to bed and little man has been in bed since 6 and and and ahhhh bliss, but what shall I eat for tea the kids had a lazy macaroni & cheese & well I cant even be stuffed cooking, might make scrambled eggs hey.

Cant believe in a few more day's Pete (hubby) is 30, time for a trade in, NO way hes my spunky old muffin & i love him to peices, Im off to pick up his present in Warrnambool tomorrow hes gonna love it, cant tell you yet just incase he happens to find my blog, not that he would even know what one is :P

Tuesday means rafters, im loving rafters, keep telling Pete thats gonna be us one day, Ive always said id like a midlife crises baby.


  1. "cant tell you yet just incase he happens to find my blog"

    Aw, can we have a hint?

  2. haha no way but he knows now so read on to todays blog ;) xx