Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Monday..

I love you, Monday means the start of the school week, it means some peace from the fighting. Oh how I love thee Monday.

Im getting out of the house in an hour, off to Geelong with a girlfriend for some girly time woohoo havnt been out with no kids in a while, ill be able to eat without sharing ahhhh food all to my piggy fat self.

Done groceries today, woop woop i hear you say, well i LOVE doing groceries, its actually quite theraputic and hey lets face it, its a social outing.

Went to a Mary Kay meeting with my friend Rach last night, it was fun but seemed to go forever, thinking about joining..I said THINKING.



  1. "hey lets face it, its a social outing"


  2. Ha well if grocery shopping is a social outing for you, then the school disco is my social outing and the closest thing that resembles a good time for me lolol Just started following you, nice to meet you and if you have time, check out my crazy blog...M xx