Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tis the beginning..

Of a blogging addiciton, seems to be the "in" thing am I wrong in saying that?
Well im Courtney Im a SAHM mum of 3 challeging but beautiful children & I wont lie motherhood is hard, oh so hard & somedays I end up in tears but I still wouldnt change it not for the world, My husband is a nightshift truck driver, home alone 5 nights a week & doing a bloody good job if I do say so myself and i will thanks.

I love my husband with all that I am, he has been my rock, we have been through some tough time's thats going back a few years now & it made us stronger we couldnt be more happier, without him I would be lost so from the bottom of my heart I thank him.

Miah is 7 almost 8 (21st October) talented, smart, beautiful and full of attitude..not the good kind trust me.
Montana is 5 almost 6 (2nd September) she has suspected high functioning autism we are currently going through the process of doctors & psychologists to get to the bottom of this, she is my most challenging of all believe me she would make the strongest of the strong drop to their knees in desperation, I adore her to peices and i love her amazingly but boy does she bring my to tears, daily.
last but not least is our baby boy Harrison who is 16 months (2/4/09) he is laid back and cruisy, loves to scream any place down as he is a homebody and a mover doesnt like to be in one place for long, loves to throw food and tell people to "get out" & "stay" yep these he learnt from listening to me speak to out poodle walter, oh that reminds me furbabies we have are a toy poodle Walter, Rocco the german shephard & 3 horses Honey, Snap & Dee.

We live rural, I dont mind it, have some great friends here whom im sure you will meet along the way.

Oh wait, I should mention something or my friends will be at me...i am oh yep thats correct i heart prams, ive had 15 since Harrison was born its a new addiction which came with Harrison..lets blame him!!!

Thats all for now, I think im going to love this blogging thing, look out new addiciton..move over prams...ok I take that back i heart you both


  1. Hey Courts! I started my blog today too and I am sure I will become addicted too!!

  2. Oh my, I thought I had a lot of prams with 4! You win. lol

    I think if I had more money there would be plenty more at our house.

    Welcome to blogging! :)

  3. MMB if only I could keep them all at once, I sell them before I move on to the next pram, I have 2 at the moment, My Silver Cross Dazzle & Strider DLX.
    If i knew how to add pics i would show you my pram albulm ;)

  4. Yep you win the parma addiction. I have had 4 in 18mths with one child! Look forward to following your blog x

  5. Hello!

    And blogging is definitely addictive. Welcome!

  6. Love your dog's name - Walter is a super name for a dog. Congratulations on joining the blogging world.

  7. Welcome to the wonderful and totally addictive world of blogging, Courtney!