Saturday, August 14, 2010

So its Sunday..


and what a Sunday it is, the rain is pouring the kids are punching on, the hubby is sleeping his nightshift off and the Mummy is cleaning but decided to take a break, in the background i have "muuuum Miah's annoying me" Muuum Montana's hitting me" "stop it" "I'm tellling" OMG someone save me seriously im drowning here RIGHT THATS IT IN YOUR ROOM...muuuum...NOW!!!

Ok.reminder to self..MUST..TAKE..PANADOL.

I have a head cold and on top of it all I have this going on, is it too much to ask for them to get along, maybe just for a day oh that would be bliss.

Dear Santa, this year I dont want any Chocolates, I dont want any Purfume & I dont want any Pandora..wait what am i saying i want PANDORA, but most of all I want my girls to love each other, to not put bruises on each other and to just get along just for one day, christmas day is fine or anyday in between,
regards Courtney.

So thats out of that way..what do you think my chances are of that wish coming true?

whats that I hear you say? Jack? yep agreed.

better go pull them off each other, so much for that cup of tea.


  1. *hugs* Courtney! You are doing a great job xox

  2. Ditto the above - you are doing an awesome job! Hope you got that cup of tea xox