Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whoa, what a weekend

My bank account must H.A.T.E me, the girls had a day off friday so we went shopping in warrnambool & I spoilt them rotton, we came home from a big day to their brand new bunks deliverd and ready to assemble, as we were putting them together we realise they had givin us a wrong part, so I drove the 55km back to warrnambool for the right part, got home started assembling again only to find that again it was the WRONG part damn you fantastic furniture, your title is sarcasm..right? anyway we went back the following morning and this time we GOT THE RIGHT PART  well done FF you deserve a lolly for that.

Today we headed to Geelong, a 140km drive because much to my disust when I went to shop online at city chic for a dress the one i wanted was sold out online *insert gasp here* and I simply cannot go to my friends wedding on the 11th without out I CANT, so I packed up the kids I hopped in my car and we went and we orderd that damn dress and just as well we did because its almost completly sold out I literally got the last one in my size in the system (or so the woman told me) now i know your all wondering what is so special about this dress, so im about to show you.

do you love it? oh I do i love LOVE it so much I could sleep with it...

My middlesize princess is 6 on thursday..faint..I cant believe it where has the time gone.

You must think my blog is super boring, i have a pretty normal, kinda boring but awesome all the same, life, I wouldnt swap it for anything though.

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  1. Wow what a busy weekend! So much driving! The bunks look great - hope the girls like it! The blue in that dress is electric! :)