Sunday, August 22, 2010

ahh another week begins..

So last week I posted a very brief blog about abortion, I was angry at the comments made to a friend being called a martyr because she said she would do anything to have her baby boy, she did NOT deserve that little peice of bull crap thrown at her & i was furious, yes Im Pro-Life all the way, but i apologise for my little bogged hissy fit, Ive lost a follwer, im guessing its over that..Meh..we all have our opinions.

Saturday was hubbys 30th birthday..he worked unfortuanatly all night so I didnt even get to cook him his favourite so I made it last night, lamb casserole & fried rice in the rice cooker with this amazing friend rice satche it was so good I just added bacon peices, pees & you can add prawns too if you like it was the best.

For his birthday I had 2 paintings done of his truck, they turned out tripple the standard I was expecting I mean I knew adele from Adele Designs was amazing but seriously these are just fantastic, you have to check her out on facebook and you might even win a 50% off voucher when she reaches 200 fans I have quite a bit of her work in my house and more is orderd and in the process.

I went to work with him friday, what an eye opener that was, There was idiots on the UHF using it and just abusing the crap out of the truck drivers and blocking the UHF for real drivers which need it to communicate with each other, give traffic reports, advise of accidents and breakdowns and stuff yet these morons are just taking up the airtime i guess you would call it. Other than that it was so nice to spend that time with him in his environment, loved every minute of it, love him.

Girls at school today and little man in bed, went down around 930 which means he will be up about 1-130, these 4 hour day sleeps are crazy, its so quiet.

So i picked out the car I want, I simply MUST have a bigger car, my 05 ford sedan is not cutting it for me with 3 kids, Im not fussy it doesnt have to be brand new just bigger and im loving the mazda MPV 7 seater in white 2001 model will do me fine :)

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